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Why we ship broths frozen

Gelatinous Bone Broth

Freezing natural foods helps preserve their nutritional goodness. Our bone broth is sold frozen because you deserve an all-natural, nutrient-packed food without any added preservatives. 

Why is Natritional Wellness Bone Broth shipped Frozen?
Everything that goes into making our original bone broth has been thoughtfully and carefully curated. From the locally sourced ingredients all the way to the freezer-ready packaging, we’ve made choices to ensure that your nutrition is not sacrificed for convenience. 

However, one of the difficulties in making an all-natural, nutrient-packed food product without any added preservatives is that such foods go bad quickly. One way to ensure that we locked in the nutrients and naturally prevent the broth from spoiling was to freeze it. Another option would have been canning, but we decided against that. 

The proof in the wobble?
Having made bone broth at home for several years, one of the things I always looked out for was whether my broth “gelled” (i.e. had the consistency of jelly). Getting my broth to gel, not only made it easier for me to scoop out any excess fat that I didn’t want in it, but also reassured me about the high gelatin content of my bone broth. As I like to say, the proof is in the “wobble”. High gelatin = High protein content. 

Natritional Gelatinous Broth
Most canning and preservation processes to ensure the shelf-stability of a product involve the use of heat, which tends to cause the gelatin to break down. As you may have noticed, most bone broths sold in retail grocery stores don’t have that Jell-O consistency even when cooled in the fridge.  

However, I wanted everyone that enjoy Natritional Wellness Bone Broth to have that reassurance that they were indeed getting a highly gelatinous product. Because in case you didn’t already know, gelatin is good for you. Therefore, for now, freezing our broth was the best option. 

Why aren’t you using glass jars?
While perfecting our commercial production, we explored several packaging options and finally selected exceptional quality, food-grade, BPA-free stand-up pouches with a pour spout. Having suffered many-a-broken mason jars when trying to defrost them, we wanted to use something more forgiving and space-saving.

The pouches for our bone broth can just be placed into your fridge to defrost overnight or put into a water bath. The top of the pouch can easily be cut using a pair of scissors if you want to empty out the entire contents. Otherwise, you can use the closable spout to pour out some of the broth and keep the rest in the fridge (best to use within 7 days once opened). The pouch easily stands in your fridge, and essentially serves as a tube to help you squeeze out the gelatinous bone broth. 

Now that you have your broth, you can warm it up and sip it, or soup it. Better yet feel free to add some water (yes you can add water to our broth) and cook with it. We recommended a 1:1 ratio i.e 1 cup of water to 1 cup of broth. 

Leave us a note to tell us all the ways that you enjoy our broth.

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