Vegan Broth

So much to love about our mushroom and sea broth. Vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

What is a Broth?

This practice of continuous broth simmering served as the base for Grandma’s healing and nourishing soups and stews. However, despite the age-old benefits of broth, the time-consuming process of making it has left it out of our busy lives.  Although modern technology and large-scale farming have made fast foods possible, sometimes, it is best to take things slow.

Our broths are a mineral-rich and nutrient-dense superfood prepared by slow-cooking healthy animals' bones with vegetables, herbs, and spices for 24 – 48 hours.

Our vegan broth is made from wild mushrooms and sea moss.


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Mushroom and Sea Broth (Local, Wild and Gourmet)
Mushroom and Sea Broth (Local, Wild and Gourmet)
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Mushroom and Sea Broth (Local, Wild and Gourmet)
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