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Original Chicken Broth - Pastured, Free-range


Key Facts

Ships FrozenGrass-fed, Grass-finishedNo GMOsNo hormones or antibioticsGluten-freeOntario-made

Original Chicken Bone Broth - Pastured, Free-range, 500 ml (17 oz)
Handcrafted in small batches using carcasses from free-range Ontario poultry raised without antibiotics or added hormones. It has been thoughtfully slow-cooked for 24 hours, adopting a traditional family recipe with a rare blend of spices and local organic herbs known for their restorative and curative purposes. It is an excellent source of collagen and gelatin, which makes it abundant in protein and vital minerals needed for whole-body nourishment.

Note: This is a concentrated, full-bodied broth. One cup goes a long way. You can easily dilute as needed. 

  • Pasture-raised, Free-range 
  • All Natural I No Preservatives | No Additives | No MSG
  • Concentrated Broth - Dilution allowed
  • Gluten-free
  • No Added Hormones or Antibiotics
  • Ships Frozen

Energy, 70 cal
Fat, 2.5 g | 3%
- Saturated, 0.5 g | 3%
- Trans, 0 g
Carbohydrate, 0 g
- Fibre, 0 g
- Sugars, 0 g
Protein, 11 g
Cholesterol, 50 mg
Sodium, 420 mg | 18%
Potassium, 300 mg | 6%
Calcium, 50 mg | 4%
Iron, 0 mg | 0%

Ingredients: Filtered water, free-range poultry carcass, organic vegetables (bay leaves, carrots, celery, onions, garlic, ginger, herbs, spices), apple cider vinegar, and unrefined mineral salt.

Typical Shelf life, > 1 year frozen | 2 weeks refrigerated

Our bone broth has a bold and rich flavour which makes it a perfect staple in all your cooking adventures. Or better yet, enjoyed warmed up as a drink.

Our broth is undiluted and concentrated, which allows you to dilute it to your taste preference. Recommended ratio 1 cup of broth to 1 cup of water

Naturally, fat accumulates at the top of this broth. Skim and either use in cooking or discard.


Keep frozen, thaw in the refrigerator, and shake well before using. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 7 days. Do not use it if the seal is broken.


Many ways to use your broth:

  • Sip: Heat it and sip it in a mug 
  • Cook: Cook your grains (rice, quinoa), noodles, and greens in it
  • Use as a Cleanse: Get regular with bone broth. Perfect for your fast and cleanse.
  • Soups and more: Use as a base for soups, stews, and gravy
  • Shake things up: Mix it in with your coffee, making a beautiful latte

Primary Benefits, Gut | Skin and Joint Health

Our broths are hand-crafted in small batches and then frozen to ensure ultimate freshness; our ingredients are always sourced locally from Ontario farmers who farm their lands following regenerative farming techniques. 

Abundant in protein and vital minerals needed for whole-body nourishment. This concentrated broth can be diluted.

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Customer Reviews

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Lindsay Martin

Original Chicken Broth - Pastured, Free-range

karen michalicka
Chicken broth

It was amazing. My husband ended up with the flu and he drank it for 2 days and he felt better

Paul T
Rich and Delicious!

This is the stuff. Thick, rich, and flavourful - you can stretch it by adding more liquid or use as is for big tastes. Love that the sodium levels are reasonable and the use of herbs and spicing to create the flavours. Love to be supporting local producers.

Alex Cipullo
Best Quality Broth EVER

I have been ordering from Natritional for years. Since day 1 when I met them at a farmers market I knew they were making something I could not replicate, quality, and nutrients like none other.

Annette R Waxberg
Chicken Bone Broth

I find the quality of the product exceptional.